Front Lift Prop-A-Lid

The Easyquip Prop-A-Lid front lift bin system is essentially an upgrade of the well-proven, tough, and durable Easylid system.

The solid steel counterweight is replaced with 2 springs mounted on the underside of the lid. A centrally mounted ratchet style lid stay mechanism that is operated via handle on each side of the lid has been added to provide a positive engagement prop while the bin is being loaded.

Traditional lid prop or lid stays are mounted on the outside of the bin, creating a dangerous pinch point on each side of the bin. By mounting our stay in the centre of the lid inside the bin, we have removed this hazard.

The Prop-A-Lid retains the proven benefits of a single-piece lid like reduced rainwater and vermin ingress, as well as reduced maintenance costs. These benefits, along with the unique internally mounted lid stay, results in a market-leading, safe, durable, and easy to use lid system for front lift bins.

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  • Rotationally moulded LLDPE plastic lid
  • galvanized steel hinge tube
  • brass insert for lock chain bolts


  • reduced disposal costs through reduced rainwater ingress
  • extended bin life through reduced corrosion
  • reduced OH&S risk with traditional pinch points removed
  • reduced odour
  • reduced vermin entry


  • complete kits to fit to existing bins
  • can be fitted to bins during manufacture
  • replacement parts available


Propalid Prop-a-lid

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