Industrial Bin Lids

Easyquip’s Industrial Bin Lids for Front Lift Bins and Hook Lift Bins are designed and manufactured in Australia by our in-house team to the highest quality assurances and WHS standards for consistent quality finishes.

Through relentless research and development, Easyquip has established itself as one of Australia’s leading supplier manufacturers of industrial bin lids. We constantly innovate and integrate better features into our industrial bins with lids.

Supplied new or retrofitted to existing industrial waste bins and hook lift bins, Easyquip bin lids are a cost-effective way to upgrade OH&S/WHS practices with improved safety and access and reduced risk of injury to the user.

Our industrial bin lids offer proven workplace health and safety benefits like reduced odour, pollution and vermin ingress, minimised rainwater collection, reduced maintenance and disposal costs, improved locking security, and wide-opening (up to 95°) loading and bin-lifter disposal.

Green with black cover easylid

Front Lift Lids

Grey Hooklift Hydraulic Lid

Hook Lift Lids and Tarps

Types of Front Lift Lid Types

Green with black cover easylid

Front Lift Easylid

Two decades ago, we realised that waste companies throughout Australia were spending excessive money replacing broken plastic lids, paying higher tip fees due to rainwater in the waste, and repairing prematurely rusted-out bins. Most importantly, users were being exposed daily to significant OH&S risks.

Easyquip developed the Easylid, the only single-piece, counter-weighted LLDPE plastic lid for front lift bins to reduce maintenance tipping costs and address OH&S risks.

Twin Lid

Easyquip twin lids for front lift bins are a strong and versatile design that can be fitted to new bins or purchased separately as replacement parts. These twin industrial bin lids are designed with two hinge tube holes and three lid stay holes so that they can be fitted to almost any front lift bin as a replacement for other lid designs.

Moulded from high-quality LLDPE with unique stiffening ribs to reinforce the lid prop and hinge area, these lids are designed to be more durable and long-lasting. Tests have proven them significantly stronger than other twin lid options currently available.

Green with red cover twin lids
Prop A Lid

Front Lift Prop-A-Lid

Prop-A-Lid is Easyquip’s market-leading, safest, most durable, and easy-to-use lid-prop system for front lift bins. 

As a premium safety product, the Prop-A-Lid is a 3.0m-6.0m single-piece, spring-assisted lid, including a centrally mounted ratchet style lid-stay mechanism, operated via handles at each side. The proven benefits of a single-piece lid are retained by its design – including reduced rainwater and vermin ingress.

Prop lid industrial waste bins offer a range of advantages over conventional front lift bin lids. They provide straightforward and unobstructed access, simplifying waste disposal for users while reducing the risk of injuries since lifting heavy lids manually is unnecessary. These bins are designed for efficiency, streamlining waste disposal operations and saving valuable time for waste collection personnel. Their durability ensures a longer lifespan, making them well-suited for industrial environments.

Additionally, prop lids are versatile, accommodating various-sized waste items with ease. Some models come with safety features like locking mechanisms for enhanced security. Their ergonomic design minimises user strain and provides better protection against rainwater and odours. With customisation options for size, colour, and additional features, prop lid industrial waste bins excel in functionality and contribute to a neater and more aesthetically pleasing industrial setting.

These benefits and the unique internally mounted lid stay result in a market-leading, safe, durable and easy-to-use lid system for front lift bins.

Types of Hook Lift Bin Lids

Standard Hook Lift Bin – Hooklift Easylid

Easylid was developed in 1994 as a solution to unsustainable problems in the waste bin industry – the original single-piece, counter-weighted plastic lid for front lift and hook lift bins – since inception, more than 45,000 Easylids have sold.

Easyquip hook lift bin lids are Australian-made and designed with practicality, strength, and durability in mind. Hooklift Easylids are an excellent solution for wind-borne litters, controlling odours, preventing pests and vermin infestations, and maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment. All our Hook Lift Bin Lids for sale are available nationwide for fast, reliable delivery.

Easylid Hooklift bins with green body and black cover
Hooklift Hydraulic Lid

Hydraulic Hooklift Lid

Easyquip has been supplying Hydraulic metal lids for hook lift bins for over 10 years. Hydraulic Hooklift Lids are highly durable design, easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. These industrial metal storage bins with lids

can be manufactured to suit operational requirements or retrofitted to existing bins depending on bin condition and design.

Rolling Hooklift Lid

Easyquip 2-piece rolling metal lids for hook lift bins are a solid and straightforward system. They can be padlocked to prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the bin. Hooklift rolling lids are fitted to new bins during manufacture but can be retrofitted to existing bins depending on their design and condition.

Rolling hook lift bins in dark green.
Veolia Hooklift red body with black tarp

Hooklift Tarps

Easyquip tarps for hook lift bins allow you to secure the bin’s contents, preventing litter, rainwater entry and other issues without requiring drivers to climb on the bin to tarp the load.

Are Easyquip Hook Lift Bins Compliant with Australian Standards?

Yes, Easyquip Hook Lift Bins comply with Australian Standards EN 12079 requirements. When you choose Easyquip, you can have confidence in the compliance and reliability of our hook lift bins for your waste management needs.

Choosing the Best Industrial Bin Lid for Your Operations

Selecting the right industrial bin lid is vital for seamless waste management operations. At Easyquip, we recognise the significance of an informed decision and are here to guide you through the process.

When choosing industrial bin lids, consider essential factors such as waste type, volume, accessibility, and usability. Our team is ready to help you determine which industrial lid best suits your operations.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and find the perfect industrial waste bin lid solution tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Easyquip?

Choose Easyquip for reliable, efficient, cost-effective waste-handling equipment to enhance waste management. With their durable design, customisable options, and seamless integration, Easyquip industrial bins with lids optimise waste volume, reduce disposal costs, and enhance operational efficiency. Enjoy comprehensive customer support, hassle-free installation, and maintenance services. Streamline your waste management processes with Easyquip industrial waste bins and experience superior performance and cost savings.

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If you’re looking for high-quality industrial bins with lids for sale in Australia, choose Easyquip. With our extensive range of products, Australian manufacturing, and commitment to excellence, we are the trusted choice for all your waste management needs.

Explore our collection of industrial bins with lids today and experience the Easyquip difference.

How do industrial bin lids help reduce waste disposal costs?

Industrial bin lids are essential tools for reducing waste disposal costs in various ways. Firstly, they assist in containing waste and preventing spillage, which helps control odours and maintains a cleaner environment. This containment reduces the need for frequent waste pickups and the associated costs. Additionally, securely closed bin lids discourage unauthorised dumping, ensuring that only authorised waste is disposed of in the container. This discouragement helps avoid fees or fines linked to improper waste disposal practices.

Moreover, well-designed industrial bin lids serve as a barrier against rainwater infiltration. Keeping waste dry prevents the added weight from rain-soaked waste, effectively reducing disposal costs based on weight. These lids also protect against pests, such as rodents and insects, deterred from accessing the waste. By minimising pest infestations, businesses can reduce the expenses associated with pest control measures.

Industrial bin lids further contribute to cost savings by streamlining the waste collection process. User-friendly features allow waste collection personnel to access and empty bins more efficiently, saving time and labour costs. Some bin lids can be customised with specialised features like access hatches or chutes for specific types of waste, optimising sorting and disposal processes and reducing overall disposal expenses.

Additionally, using appropriate bin lids helps businesses comply with waste disposal regulations and standards. By avoiding fines and penalties associated with non-compliance, organisations can maintain their financial stability and reduce the overall costs related to waste management.

Lastly, bin lids prolong the lifespan of waste containers by protecting their contents from the elements and wear and tear. This extension in lifespan minimises the need for frequent bin replacements, leading to savings in capital expenditures. In conclusion, industrial bin lids play a pivotal role in cost-effective waste management by controlling waste containment, deterring unauthorised dumping, preventing rainwater infiltration, reducing pest infestations, enhancing collection efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and extending the longevity of waste containers, all of which collectively contribute to lower waste disposal expenses for businesses and organisations.

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