Crush it, Condense it, and Compact it with Easyquip

Waste management is one of the fastest-changing aspects of Australian society as the positive transition to a circular economy. It is often a costly, resource-intensive pain point for many organisations. Thankfully, there is waste handling equipment already developed to support the pending policy changes that are knocking at all doors. Designed to reduce the impact,

Easyquip Custom Bins

Many Councils and Local Government Areas across Australia are making it a priority to steer their local waste collection and waste management strategies towards a circular economy, in alignment with Australia’s National Waste Policy framework. Finding practical solutions to complex problems, Easyquip is at the forefront of working collaboratively with Local Councils to deliver engineered

The Impact of Rising Prices of Raw Materials & Global Cost Uncertainty of Steel

Unprecedented rises in the cost of raw materials like iron ore, oil and coal is having a direct impact on global markets and manufacturing processes around the world. The price of raw materials and by-products like steel are expected to remain fairly high in 2022. Beside the increased global cost of steel we are now