Easyquip Waste Compactors are designed for compacting large volumes of dry or wet waste materials including general waste and recyclables like paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium and lightweight timber.

Easyquip offers either stationary compactors for fixed locations, or transportable compactors for temporary deployment and relocatability. Depending on the application, each waste compactor is engineered with a patented auger drive system or a hydraulic driven blade, which compacts waste into portable receiver bins with a 30m2 or 40m2 capacity.

Garbage compactors are ideal for maximising workspace areas, decreasing transportation and reducing waste management costs, while boosting productivity and WHS outcomes.

Stationary auger compactors 4

Auger Compactors

Blade compactors 4

Blade Compactors

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Compactor Receiver Bins