Crush it, Condense it, and Compact it with Easyquip

Crush it, Condense it, and Compact it with Easyquip

It Can Be Done Compacted

Waste management is one of the fastest-changing aspects of Australian society as the positive transition to a circular economy.

It is often a costly, resource-intensive pain point for many organisations.

Thankfully, there is waste handling equipment already developed to support the pending policy changes that are knocking at all doors.

Designed to reduce the impact, volume and size of bulk dry and wet waste, Easyquip Waste Compactors provide Waste Management Companies, Local Councils, National Supermarket Chains, and Businesses with long-term solutions for cutting operational costs whilst achieving an excellent return on investment.


Compactors by Easyquip

Easyquip Garbage compactors are ideal for maximising workspace areas, decreasing transportation and reducing waste management costs while boosting productivity and WHS outcomes.

Our Waste Compactors are designed for compacting large volumes of dry or wet waste materials, including general waste and recyclables like paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminium and lightweight timber.

✅ Maximise workspace areas

✅ Decrease transportation

✅ Reduce waste management costs

✅ Boost productivity and WHS outcomes

✅ Improve your organisation’s environmental footprint, workplace practices and public image.

✅ Take advantage of Easyquip’s unmatched after-sales service and maintenance support

✅  Fast, reliable delivery nationwide

All Easyquip waste compactors are engineered with a patented auger drive system or hydraulic-driven blade, which compacts waste into portable receiver bins with a 30m2 or 40m2 capacity.

We manufacture stationary, fixed and transportable waste compactors to suit a wide range of applications.

Clean Up Your Operations with Easyquip

Partnering with Australia’s most reputable waste management companies, Easyquip specialises in national contract roll-outs and large-scale orders of industrial/commercial compactors. We engineer premium mechanisms and build from heavy-duty, high-quality steel to ensure the product’s longevity.

Our Waste Compactors are a turnkey way to improve organisational WHS, cleanliness and sanitation, environmental footprint,  workplace aesthetics, public image, productivity and daily operations.

Rise above your operations’ losses and waste management inefficiencies with Easyquip’s industry-leading Waste Compactors.