Front Lift Lid Types


The original single-piece lid for front lift bins. This is a robust lid designed to reduce cost and improve safety.

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Twin Lid

A strong and versatile design that can be used on new bins or fitted as a replacement part to almost all standard front lift bins.

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Save money and improve customer safety and satisfaction with the Prop-A-Lid, a single-piece lid for front lift bins that is safe and easy to operate.

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Easyquip’s Front Lift Bin Lids are crafted in Australia by our in-house team, adhering to rigorous quality standards and workplace health and safety regulations.

Through extensive research and development efforts, Easyquip has solidified its position as a premier manufacturer and supplier of front lift bin lids in Australia. We continuously enhance our industrial bin lid designs by integrating innovative features.

Whether provided as new installations or retrofitted onto existing front lift bins, Easyquip front lift bin lids offer a comprehensive solution to upgrade workplace health and safety (WHS) practices. They enhance safety measures, provide easier access, and mitigate the risk of user injuries.

Our front lift bin lids deliver tangible workplace health and safety advantages, including reduced odour, pollution, and pest intrusion, as well as minimised rainwater accumulation. They also contribute to lower maintenance and disposal expenses, heightened security through improved locking mechanisms, and facilitate wide-opening loading and bin-lifter disposal, with angles reaching up to 95°.

Types of Front Lift Bin Lids by Easyquip


Front Lift Easylid

Easylid was developed in 1994 as a solution to unsustainable problems in the waste bin industry – the original single-piece, counter-weighted plastic lid for front lift bins – since inception, more than 45,000 Easylids have sold.

Two decades ago, we noticed that waste companies in Australia were spending too much money replacing broken plastic lids and dealing with higher tip fees due to rainwater getting into the waste. Also, bins were rusting out too quickly, posing risks to users’ health and safety.

To tackle these problems, Easyquip created the Front Lift Easylid. It’s the only single-piece, counter-weighted LLDPE plastic lid for front lift bins. It helps cut maintenance costs and addresses health and safety risks effectively.


Twin Lid for Front Lift Bins

Introducing the Twin Lid by Easyquip: a sturdy and adaptable design suitable for both new bins and replacement parts. With two hinge tube holes and three lid stay holes, these industrial bin lids can easily replace other lid designs on almost any front lift bin.

Crafted from high-quality LLDPE and featuring stiffening ribs for added durability, these lids are built to last. Tests have shown them to be much stronger than other twin lid options.


Front Lift Prop-A-Lid

Introducing Easyquip’s Front Lift Prop-A-Lid, a top-tier lid-prop system renowned for its safety, durability, and user-friendly design.

The Prop-A-Lid is a cutting-edge safety solution, featuring a single-piece, spring-assisted lid spanning from 3.0m to 6.0m. Its centrally mounted ratchet-style lid-stay mechanism, operated by handles on either side, ensures easy handling. This design preserves the proven benefits of a single-piece lid, such as minimising rainwater and vermin intrusion.

Prop-A-Lid industrial waste bins offer numerous advantages compared to traditional front lift bin lids. They provide unobstructed access, simplifying waste disposal and reducing the risk of injuries from heavy lifting. These bins are optimised for efficiency, streamlining waste disposal processes and saving time for collection personnel. Their robust construction guarantees longevity, making them ideal for industrial settings.

Prop-A-Lid bins are also versatile, accommodating waste of various sizes effortlessly. Some models feature additional safety elements like locking mechanisms for enhanced security. Their ergonomic design minimises user strain and enhances protection against rainwater and odours. With customisable options for size, colour, and additional features, Prop-A-Lid industrial waste bins excel in functionality, contributing to a cleaner and more visually appealing industrial environment.

With its internally mounted lid stay and an array of benefits, Front Lift Prop-A-Lid stands out as the market-leading choice for a safe, durable, and easy-to-use lid system for front lift bins.


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Choosing the Right Industrial Bin Lid for Your Needs

Selecting the perfect industrial bin lid is crucial for smooth waste management operations. At Easyquip, we understand the importance of making an informed choice and are here to assist you every step of the way.

When picking industrial bin lids, consider factors like waste type, volume, accessibility, and ease of use. Our team is ready to help you find the best industrial lid for your needs.

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Choose Easyquip for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective waste-handling equipment to streamline your waste management.

Our industrial bins with lids are built tough, customisable, and seamlessly integrated to optimise waste volume, reduce disposal costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Enjoy full customer support, hassle-free installation, and maintenance services. Simplify your waste management with Easyquip industrial waste bins and experience top-notch performance and savings.


Do Easyquip Front Lift Bins Provide Waterproofing and Vermin Protection?

Absolutely, when you combine Easyquip Front Lift Bins with our patented front lift lids, you can rest assured they are engineered to be both water-resistant and vermin-proof.


How do front lift bin lids help reduce waste disposal costs?

Front lift bin lids are vital components in the effort to cut waste disposal costs through various means. Firstly, they aid in containing waste within the bin, preventing spillage that can lead to odours and a messier environment. Lid containment reduces the frequency of waste pickups, thereby lowering associated costs. Moreover, securely closed front lift bin lids discourage unauthorised dumping, ensuring only authorised waste is disposed of, thus avoiding fines linked to improper disposal.

Additionally, well-designed front lift bin lids act as a barrier against rainwater, keeping waste dry and reducing disposal costs based on weight. They also ward off pests like rodents and insects, which are deterred from accessing the waste, thus minimizing expenses related to pest control measures.

Front lift bin lids also contribute to cost savings by streamlining waste collection. Their user-friendly features enable efficient access and emptying of bins, saving time and labour costs.

Moreover, using appropriate front lift bin lids helps businesses adhere to waste disposal regulations, avoiding fines and penalties associated with non-compliance, thus maintaining financial stability and reducing waste management costs.

Lastly, front lift bin lids prolong the lifespan of waste containers by shielding their contents from the elements and wear and tear. This extension in lifespan reduces the need for frequent bin replacements, leading to savings in capital expenditures.

In conclusion, front lift bin lids play a crucial role in cost-effective waste management by controlling waste containment, deterring unauthorised dumping, preventing rainwater infiltration, reducing pest infestations, enhancing collection efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and extending the longevity of waste containers, all of which collectively contribute to lower waste disposal expenses.


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