Auger Compactors

Made in Australia, Easyquip’s range of heavy duty Auger Compactors are an ideal waste management solution for commercial and industrial waste applications including general waste, dry waste and wet waste. Designed specifically for compacting large volumes of dense waste material, effectively maximising workspace and decreasing transportation and waste management costs, while boosting productivity and WHS outcomes. Easyquip garbage compactors are the ideal solution to your high-volume waste problem, with the ability to design and build custom solutions to fit your specific needs.

Stationary Auger Compactors

A stationary auger compactor is ideal for processing large amounts of waste, such as dry general waste, paper, lightweight timbre, and plastic. It crushes the waste material to optimise tonnage-per-load rates, helping you achieve more time-efficient waste handling.

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Transportable Auger Compactors

Ideal for large volumes of both dry and wet waste , our transportable auger compactors guarantee fast, hassle-free waste processing. These are high-performing and low-maintenance, reducing risks of breakdowns or downtimes.

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Twin Auger Compactors

Fitted with two augers for added strength and efficiency, our twin auger compactors yield higher compaction ratios. This is ideal for sites that quickly accumulate large volumes of waste.

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