Stationary Auger Compactor

Stationary Auger Compactors

Easyquip’s Stationary Auger Waste Compactors are a robust and reliable waste management solution for handling various dry waste streams. Stationary waste compactors feature a compaction unit with a powerful auger that breaks down waste and directs it into a removable receiver bin.

Easyquip’s patented auger drive system ensures unmatched strength and efficiency, making these compactors ideal for dry waste such as paper, cardboard, lightweight timber, and select plastics.

These heavy-duty units provide a powerful solution for businesses dealing with substantial waste volumes. By compressing and reducing the size of waste, these compactors minimise the frequency of pickups, leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

Experience a cleaner and more organised environment as these compactors efficiently handle large amounts of waste. Stationary compactors not only save you money but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly waste disposal process.

Invest in the future of waste management by choosing stationary compactors – a reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for businesses aiming to streamline their waste disposal practices.

Upgrade your waste management operations with Easyquip’s Stationary Auger Compactors for reliable and efficient waste compaction.


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  • 11KW Electric motor
  • container 75% and 100% full light
  • all functions controlled by the plc
  • 2 pak poly-urethane paint
  • designed in accordance with australian standards


  • unmatched strength with unique auger design
  • reduced service cost with sealed gearbox and direct drive
  • fully sealed to prevent leakage from waste
  • pre-crushing action of the screw offers better compaction compared to the blade compactors
  • cut transport costs by better waste compaction
  • reduced congestion and environmental impact from better payloads


  • standard and custom loading hoppers
  • bin tipping mechanisms
  • fill level and other notifications via SMS technology
  • door seal
  • liquid drainage points
  • receiver bin to suit hook lift, dino or marell skip trucks


Stationary Auger Packer


Stationary Waste Compactors consist of a Compaction Unit that uses an auger to break down the waste material and force it into a Receiver Bin. The waste compaction machine remains in a fixed location but the Receiver Bin is disconnected from the Compaction Unit and taken away for emptying. Hooklift trucks are the most common transport system for compacted Receiver Bin, but they be customised to suit Dino trucks and Marell Skip trucks.

They are ideal for dry waste streams such as paper, cardboard, lightweight timber and some plastics. Stationary Compactors can be optioned to suit General Waste, but this is usually avoided as there will always be some material spilled on the ground when the Receiver Bin is taken away.

Easyquip Stationary Waste Compactors are fitted with our patented auger screw drive system with a sealed-for-life gearbox and direct drive to provide unmatched strength, reduced risk of breakdown and save money on servicing. With a range of standard loading hoppers to suit most applications and the ability to design and build custom solutions to fit your specific needs, Easyquip Stationary Screw compactors are the ideal solution to your high-volume waste problem.

Yes, all Easyquip Garbage Compactors are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards. Easyquip prioritises compliance with industry regulations and safety guidelines to ensure that their waste compactors adhere to the highest quality and safety standards set by Australian authorities. By choosing an Easyquip Stationary Waste Compactors, you can have confidence in their design and construction, knowing that they are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Australian standards.

Optimise your waste management with Easyquip Waste Compactors, offering reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The durable design, customisable options, and seamless integration of Easyquip compactors efficiently reduce waste volume, cutting down disposal costs and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Benefit from comprehensive customer support, hassle-free installation, and maintenance services. Elevate your waste management processes with Easyquip and enjoy superior performance and significant cost savings.

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