Transportable Auger Compactor

Transportable Auger Compactors

Transportable Auger Compactors are ideal for wet or putrescible waste systems as they can be fully sealed to prevent leakage and spillage of the waste. They are also used for short term event jobs and sites that do not have the space for a large Stationary Compactor

Easyquip Transportable Auger Compactors are fitted with our patented auger drive system, with a sealed for lift planetary gearbox and direct drive to provide un-matched strength, reduced risk of breakdown and to save money on service requirements.

With the ability to be optioned for both wet and dry waste, a range of standard loading hoppers to suit many different applications, and the ability to design and build custom solutions to fit your specific needs, Easyquip Transportable Auger Compactors are the ideal solution to your high-volume waste problem.

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  • 11KW Electric motor
  • container 75% and 100% full light
  • all functions controlled by the plc
  • 2 pak poly-urethane paint
  • designed in accordance with australian standards


  • unmatched strength with unique auger design
  • reduced service cost with sealed gearbox and direct drive
  • fully sealed to prevent leakage from waste
  • pre-crushing action of the screw offers better compaction compared to the blade compactors
  • cut transport costs by better waste compaction
  • reduced congestion and environmental impact from better payloads


  • standard and custom loading hoppers
  • bin tipping mechanisms
  • fill level and other notifications via SMS technology
  • door seal
  • liquid drainage points
  • Double end pick up
  • Dino or Marell truck lift system


Transportable Auger Packers

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