Fork Lift Bin Types

Easyquip’s Fork Lift Bins are a highly efficient and safe solution for loading, transferring and disposing of waste from the workplace to larger bulk waste bins with a forklift or crane. Ideal for scrap metal, bulk waste or recyclables.

Our tipping forklift bins seamlessly improve productivity and accessibility by reducing the amount of manual waste handling required in daily operations. Made in Australia by our in-house team to the highest quality assurances and WHS standards for consistent quality finishes.

Our Draw Back Tippler Bins and Roll Over Tippler Bins allows for safe, controlled and balanced tipping action of heavy loads.

Fork Lift Bins

These box-shaped bins are suitable for the storage and transport of scrap metal and other bulk materials. They are fitted with forklift pockets and lift lugs for handling.

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Drop Bottom Bins

Drop bottom bins can be used with a crane or a forklift. This is an alternative option for jobs where tippler bins or crane bins are not practical to use.

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Roll Over Tippler Bins

Roll over tipplers offer a quick and easy way to transfer onsite waste or recycling products from work stations into larger bins for removal from your site.

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Draw Back Tippler Bin

Draw back tipplers are used for onsite transfer of waste or recyclables. These can be made to custom sizes to suit specific workspace restrictions.

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