Roll Over Tippler Bins

Roll Over Tippler Bins

Easyquip's roll over forklift tippler bins offer an efficient solution for transferring waste or recycling products from your work areas to a large bulk bin.

With a smooth, balanced roll-over tipping action, they can be easily operated from the driver's seat of the forklift. The efficient and safe tipping system allows for quicker turn around, reducing downtime associated with bin empties.

These bins are available with a standard push-button mechanism which is pressed against the receiving bin, or they can be optioned with a release lever activated by a rope.

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  • Forklift tine pockets 100 x 200 x 5
  • bin body 3mm steel
  • 50 x 50 x 3 rhs top beam
  • rolling plates 8mm gr250 steel
  • rolling surface 75 x 10 flat bar
  • fitted with retainer chain to secure bin to forklift
  • fitted with safety chain to guard against accidental release
  • primed and painted in equipment enamel or as per customer specifications


  • Smooth, balanced tipping action with auto re-latch function
  • fat and easy empty for reduced DOWNTIME
  • operator can remain on forklift
  • Australian made
  • 1000kg swl


  • lever release
  • castors
  • 2 pak paint
  • galvanized finish
  • crane rating


Roll over tippler Tippler Bin Roll Over

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