Roll Over Tippler Bins

Roll Over Tippler Bins

Easyquip's roll over forklift tippler bins offer an efficient solution for transferring waste or recycling products, moving materials, and facilitating waste management on site from your work areas to larger bulk bins.

With a smooth, balanced roll-over tipping action, they can be easily operated from the driver's seat of the forklift. The efficient and safe tipping system of Easyquip tippler bins allows for quicker turn around, reducing downtime associated with bin empties.

These tippler bins are available with a standard push-button mechanism which is pressed against the receiving bin, or they can be optioned with a release lever activated by a rope.

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  • Forklift tine pockets 100 x 200 x 5
  • bin body 3mm steel
  • 50 x 50 x 3 rhs top beam
  • rolling plates 8mm gr250 steel
  • rolling surface 75 x 10 flat bar
  • fitted with retainer chain to secure bin to forklift
  • fitted with safety chain to guard against accidental release
  • primed and painted in equipment enamel or as per customer specifications


  • Smooth, balanced tipping action with auto re-latch function
  • fat and easy empty for reduced DOWNTIME
  • operator can remain on forklift
  • Australian made
  • 1000kg swl


  • lever release
  • castors
  • 2 pak paint
  • galvanized finish
  • crane rating


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What is a Tippler Bin?

Tippler bins are designed for transporting waste material from the work areas to bulk bins or waste management areas using a forklift. Once a tippler bin is securely attached to a forklift, the bin can be emptied safely from a distance, without the forklift driver-operator having to leave the forklift cab.

Why Choose Easyquip Tippler Bins?

Discover the Top Reasons to Opt for Easyquip’s Tippler Bins! There are countless reasons why waste management companies, local councils, and businesses across the country prefer Easyquip as their trusted supplier for industrial waste solutions.

Aussie-Made Front Lift Bins

Easyquip’s Front Lift Bins stand as a testament to Australian ingenuity and quality. Designed and meticulously manufactured in-house within our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities located in VIC and QLD, these bins are engineered to meet the highest quality assurances and workplace health and safety standards. Count on Easyquip for consistent, superior quality finishes.

Australian Designed & Manufactured

Benefit from the expertise of our in-house Australian designers and manufacturers when you choose Easyquip. Our commitment to local craftsmanship ensures that every Roll Over Tippler Bin bears the mark of excellence.

Fast, Reliable Nationwide Delivery

Easyquip takes pride in its streamlined dispatch and delivery process. Expect your Roll Over Tippler Bin to arrive promptly and reliably, no matter where you are located in the country.

Customisable to Suit Your Business Operations
Easyquip understands that every business has unique requirements. That’s why our Roll Over Tippler Bins are designed to be customisable, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific waste management needs.

Suitable for General Waste, Recyclables, Industrial and Commercial Waste

Easyquip’s Roll Over Tippler Bins are versatile enough to handle various waste types, including general waste, recyclables, and industrial or commercial waste. Experience the convenience of a single solution for all your waste management challenges.

How Does a Roll over Tippler Bin Work?

Discover the innovative self-tipping mechanism that sets Easyquip’s Roll Over Tippler Bins apart from the rest.

Smooth, Balanced Tipping Action

With a seamless roll-over tipping action, our bins can be effortlessly operated from the comfort of the forklift driver’s seat. This efficient and secure tipping system minimizes downtime associated with bin empties, ensuring quicker turnarounds and enhanced productivity.

Various Tipping Mechanism Options

Choose from a range of tipping mechanisms to suit your preferences. Opt for the standard push-button mechanism, which engages with the receiving bin, or select the rope-activated release lever for added convenience.

Does Easyquip Design and Manufacture Tippler Bins?

Absolutely, Easyquip proudly designs and manufactures premium-quality Roll Over Tippler Bins right here in Australia. Our commitment to local craftsmanship ensures that each bin meets stringent quality standards while supporting the national economy.

Roll Over Tippler Bin Features

Explore the outstanding features that make Easyquip’s Roll Over Tippler Bins the preferred choice for industrial waste management:

– Forklift Tine Pockets 100 X 200 X 5: Securely pick up, maneuvere and transport bins with precision.

– Bin Body 3mm Steel: durable and robust construction for long-lasting performance.

– 50 X 50 X 3 RHS Top Beam: for enhanced structural integrity.

– Rolling Plates 8mm GR250 Steel: Ensures smooth tipping with sturdy components.

– Rolling Surface 75 X 10 Flat Bar: Facilitates balanced tipping action.

– Fitted with Retainer Chain: Safeguard against accidental detachment from forklift.

– Fitted with Safety Chain: Prevent unintended releases for enhanced workplace safety.

– Primed and Painted: Choose from a variety of 2 pak colours or specify your custom specifications.

What Are the Standard Size or Capacity of Tippler Bins?

Easyquip offers a diverse range of standard tippler bins, catering to various capacities:

– 1m³, 1.5m³, 2m³, 2.5m³ to 3m³ Capacity: Choose from a range of sizes to meet your waste management needs

– Crane Rated Options: Explore crane-rated solutions available in 1m³ or 1.5m³ capacities for heavy-duty applications.
– Custom Size Tippler Bins available at request

What is a Crane Rated Roll Over Tippler Bin?

A crane-rated Roll Over Tippler Bin is designed to withstand the demands of heavy lifting operations. These bins adhere to Australian standards, ensuring safe and efficient handling in industries that require robust solutions for waste disposal.

Are Roll Over Tippler Bins Safe?

At Easyquip, safety is paramount. Our Roll Over Tippler Bins come equipped with a range of safety features, including:

– Secure Attachment: Fitted with a retainer chain to prevent unintended detachment from the forklift.

– Accident Prevention: Equipped with a safety chain to guard against accidental releases during operation.

Safe Operation of Forklift Tippler Bins 

At Easyquip, we prioritize the safety of our customers and the integrity of our products above all else. While our Roll Over Tippler Bins are designed and manufactured to meet stringent safety standards, it’s important to note that safe operation relies on proper handling, maintenance, and adherence to workplace safety protocols.

Only licensed forklift operators should operate the forklifts used in conjunction with our Roll Over Tippler Bins. Prior training or experience in the use of tippler bins is highly recommended before operation. Always ensure that your forklift operators are trained and experienced in using our equipment to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of all personnel involved.

Additionally, regularly inspect and maintain the bins according to our guidelines to ensure their continued safe and reliable performance. Easyquip shall not be held responsible for any misuse, negligence, or failure to follow safety guidelines that may result in accidents, injuries, or damage.

For complete safety, please consult our user manuals and guidelines, and reach out to our customer support team for any assistance or clarification. Remember, safety is a shared responsibility. Together, we can create a safer work environment for everyone.

Recommended Industrial Waste Bins for Emptying Tippler Bins

When it comes to efficiently managing waste from tippler bins, several industrial waste bin options are well-suited to handle the task. Depending on your specific needs and the scale of waste disposal, the following bins are recommended for emptying tippler bins effectively:

Hook Lift Bins

Hook lift bins are designed for convenient transportation and emptying of bulk waste. Their hook-and-lift mechanism allows for easy loading onto specialized trucks, making them an ideal choice for handling waste emptied from tippler bins.

Skip Bins

Skip bins provide a versatile solution for waste removal. With various sizes available, they can accommodate waste from tippler bins of different capacities. Skip bins are easily transported and can be efficiently emptied using dedicated skip trucks.

Crane Bins

Crane bins are designed to be lifted and transported by cranes, making them suitable for heavy and bulk waste. Their sturdy construction and lifting capabilities make them a reliable choice for emptying tippler bins safely.

Front Lift Bins

Front lift bins are another viable option for handling waste from tippler bins. Their design allows for easy loading from the front, and they come in various sizes to accommodate different waste volumes. Front lift bins are versatile and widely used in various waste management scenarios.

Roll Over Tippler Bins vs. Draw Back Tippler Bins

When it comes to efficient waste management solutions, Easyquip offers both Roll Over Tippler Bins and Draw Back Tippler Bins to cater to diverse needs. Let’s explore the differences between these two options to help you make an informed choice for your waste disposal requirements.

Roll Over Tippler Bins

Roll Over Tippler Bins feature an innovative self-tipping mechanism that allows for smooth and balanced emptying. With a simple roll-over action initiated from the forklift driver’s seat, these bins offer quick turnarounds and reduced downtime associated with bin empties.

Draw Back Tippler Bins

Draw Back Tippler Bins, on the other hand, provide controlled and steady pouring of waste. Designed for situations where a consistent pour rate is essential, these bins can be emptied at a controlled pace with correct forklift operation. This controlled emptying is particularly beneficial for managing heavy waste loads or scenarios requiring precision in waste disposal.

Key Differences

Tipping Mechanism

– Roll Over Tippler Bins: Employ a roll-over tipping action, enabling swift and efficient emptying.

Draw Back Tippler Bins: Utilize a controlled draw-back mechanism for a steady pour rate.

Both Roll Over Tippler Bins and Draw Back Tippler Bins are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. It’s important to note that the proper operation of both types of tippler bins requires trained and experienced forklift operators. While Roll Over Tippler Bins prioritize quick turnaround, Draw Back Tippler Bins emphasize controlled pouring for specific waste management scenarios.

Choose the tippler bin type that aligns with your waste management needs and operational requirements. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our team at Easyquip is here to provide guidance and support.

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