Forklift Bins

Forklift Bins

Easyquips new heavy duty forklift bins are made suitable for the storage and transportation of scrap metal and other bulk materials. With internal fork pockets and a stable stacking set-up, these bins have been designed along-side their own custom lids, which are able to remain fitted within a stack.

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  • 3mm wall sheet
  • 3mm floor sheet
  • RHS wall reinforcing
  • Stacking lugs
  • 5mm forklift pockets
  • primed and painted in equipment enamel


  • strong, durable design
  • Australian made
  • full length forklift pockets
  • stackable
  • 1000kg swl


  • drainage socket and plug
  • drain holes in floor
  • hot dip galvanizing
  • non-standard sizes and designs
  • 2 pak paint
  • 5mm floor


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