Standard Front Lift Bins

Standard Front Lift Bins - Easyquip’s Original Commercial Front Lift Waste Bin

Easyquip’s Front Lift Bins are a best-selling waste bin across Australia for industrial and commercial use. Developed in 1994 as a solution to unsustainable issues in the waste bin industry, the robust design of Easyquip’s Front Lift Bin sets the benchmark for durability, quality and longevity.

Today, Easyquip’s Front Lift Bins are still manufactured in Australia by our in-house fabrication facilities in VIC and QLD, built to the highest quality assurances and WHS standards for consistent quality finishes.

Backed by our fast and reliable nationwide shipping and unrivalled customer service, Easyquip Front Lift Bins are the nation’s top preference, delivering certainty for national contract roll-outs and large-scale orders.

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  • Floor, wall and end 3mm steel
  • lift pockets 5mm steel (900mm long in 3.0m and larger)
  • wheel channels 5mm mild steel - punched to suit standard waste bin castors
  • all internal seams fully welded
  • side reinforcing 50x50x5 angle
  • floor reinforcing 50x50x5 angle
  • Front reinforcing 50x50x3 RHS
  • lid chain lock lug
  • handles to allow easy movement on castors
  • Truck hooks to allow movement of bin on truck
  • drain socket and plug (Solid front bins)
  • 2x20 Drain holes in floor (Mesh front bins)
  • mesh front panel 50mm x 50mm opening with 4mm wire (mesh front bins)
  • primed and painted in industrial enamel


  • Full Internal welding
  • Australian made
  • durable, proven design
  • no sharp edges
  • consistent quality and finish


  • forklift pockets under floor
  • sealed floor (no drain socket)
  • slot load front
  • castors
  • hot dip galvanizing or 2 pak paint
  • autolock gravity bin lock


Front lift FL Bins

Front Lift Bin Applications

Suitable for General Waste, Recyclables, and Industrial and Commercial Waste Management, Front Lift Bins are engineered to meet relevant Australian industry standards and load ratings for commercial waste bins. Easyquip front lift bins are widely used across various industries, including:

  • Corporate Waste Collection Companies
  • Waste Management Companies
  • Commercial & Industrial Waste Collection Companies
  • Supermarkets & Chain Stores
  • Scrap Metal Manufacturers
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Construction Companies
  • Hospitality & Hotels
  • Retail Businesses
  • Local Councils

Front Lift Bins Built Tough

Easyquip’s Front Lift Bins boast robust construction with 3mm steel for floor, wall, and end sections, reinforced with 5mm steel in lift pockets for larger models. They feature 5mm mild steel wheel channels for standard waste bin castors, fully welded internal seams, and strong 50x50x5 angle reinforcements on the sides, floor, and front.

These bins are equipped with lid chain lock lugs, handles for effortless movement on castors, and truck hooks for easy transport. They also offer drainage options, including a drain socket and plug for solid front bins and 20 drain holes in the floor for mesh front bins. The mesh front panel has 50mm x 50mm openings with 4mm wire, and all bins are primed and painted in industrial enamel for lasting durability.

Custom Options for Front Lift Bins

Easyquip Front Lift Bins are customisable with optional extras like mesh front panels, hot dip galvanising, slot lift front, castor wheels, Easylid, Twin Lids, and Prop-A-Lid safety mechanisms.



What Front Lift Bin Sizes and Capacities are available?

Easyquip Front Lift Bins are available in the following sizes with optional extras, including a sloping top, mesh front, forklift pockets under floor, sealed floor (no drain socket), slot load front, castors, hot dip galvanised or 2-pak paint, Easylid, twin lid or Prop-a-lid.

1.5 Cubic Meters (1.5m3): Typically used for smaller businesses or residential applications, this bin size is ideal for handling moderate waste volumes.

3 Cubic Meters (3m): A popular choice for medium-sized businesses, offering a balanced capacity that suits various waste management needs.

4.5 Cubic Meters (4.5m3): Designed to accommodate larger waste volumes, this size suits businesses with higher waste generation requirements.

6 Cubic Meters (6m3): Ideal for industrial or commercial settings with substantial waste disposal needs.

What is a front lift bin?

A front lift bin, also known as a front load bin or front loader bin, is a type of commercial waste bin used for collecting and disposing solid waste. These bins are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings and for some residential waste collection systems.

Front lift bins are characterised by their design, which allows them to be easily emptied by specialised waste collection vehicles. These bins typically have a lid on the top and two lids on the front that open from the middle. The waste collection truck is equipped with hydraulic arms or forks at the front of the vehicle, which is used to grab and lift the front of the bin, empty its contents into the truck’s compactor, and then return the bin to the ground.

Front lift bins come in various sizes and capacities to suit different waste generation needs. They are often used for general waste, recycling, or organic waste collection. These bins are durable and designed to withstand the rigours of waste collection, making them a practical choice for businesses and organisations that produce significant amounts of waste.

What Lids Are Available for Easyquip Front Lift Bins?

Front Lift Easylid – The Original 

Easylid was developed in 1994 as a solution to unsustainable problems in the waste bin industry – the original single-piece, counter-weighted plastic lid for front lift bins – since inception, more than 45,000 Easylids have sold.


Prop-A-Lid is Easyquip’s market-leading, safest, most durable, and easy-to-use lid-prop system for front lift bins.

Front Lift Twin Lid

Easyquip Twin lids for Front Lift bins are a strong and versatile design, featuring two hinge tube holes and three lid stay holes. Twin libs can be fitted to new bins or purchased separately as replacement parts.

Why Choose Easyquip?

At Easyquip, we pride ourselves on being an Australian-owned and operated company.

By choosing Easyquip front lift bins, you support local manufacturing and contribute to the growth of the Australian economy.

Here’s why you should choose Easyquip:

Quality Assurance: Our front lift bins are manufactured to the highest industry standards. With rigorous quality control measures in place, we ensure that each bin meets our strict criteria before it reaches your doorstep.

Customisation Options: We understand that every waste management requirement is unique. That’s why we offer customisation options for our front lift bins, allowing you to tailor the bins to your specific needs.

Exceptional Customer Service: At Easyquip, we prioritise customer satisfaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.4. Fast Turnarounds with rapid, reliable Australia-wide Delivery. Our in-house fleet aims to assert peace of mind in your operations and delivery timeframes.

Do Easyquip Front Lift Bins Provide Waterproofing and Vermin Protection?

Absolutely, when you combine Easyquip Front Lift Bins with our patented lids, you can rest assured they are engineered to be both water-resistant and vermin-proof.

Crafted from top-tier materials, our Front Lift Bins offer robust lid options specifically designed to prevent water ingress. This ensures that the bins remain intact and that waste contents are securely contained, eliminating any risk of leakage.

When you opt for Easyquip Front Lift Bins, you gain the confidence that they can effectively manage wet waste and endure outdoor conditions, delivering a dependable and effective waste management solution.

Is Nationwide Distribution of Easyquip's Front Lift Bins Available in Australia?

Absolutely, Easyquip takes pride in providing nationwide distribution services for our front lift bins throughout Australia. Whether your needs involve a single bin or a comprehensive deployment, our highly efficient distribution network guarantees that we can meet your demands, regardless of your geographical location. Our nationwide distribution capabilities simplify the process for businesses and organisations across Australia to acquire our premium front lift bins.

Are there any safety guidelines for using front lift bins?

In Australia, safety guidelines for using front lift bins are typically governed by workplace health and safety regulations and may vary depending on the specific jurisdiction. However, some general safety guidelines commonly applied to the use of front lift bins include:

Proper Loading: Avoid overloading the front lift bin. Overfilled bins can be challenging to empty and may pose a safety hazard.

Safe Positioning: Ensure the front lift bin is placed on stable ground with no obstructions. This prevents accidents during loading and unloading.

Lid Security: Keep the bin lids securely closed to prevent waste spillage and odour issues and to deter pests and vermin.

Weight Distribution: Distribute the weight of waste evenly in the bin to maintain balance and prevent tipping.

Training and Supervision: Workers responsible for operating front lift bins should receive appropriate training and supervision to ensure safe practices.

Visibility: Ensure that waste collection vehicles have clear visibility when handling front lift bins, especially during loading and unloading.

Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the bins and associated equipment to promptly identify and address any safety concerns.

Emergency Procedures: Have procedures for responding to accidents, spills, or other safety incidents involving front lift bins.

Use of PPE: Waste management personnel should wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and safety vests when handling bins.

Communication: Implement clear communication protocols between waste collection personnel and any on-site workers to ensure safe bin collection and movement.

Is Nationwide Delivery Available from Easyquip in Australia?

Indeed, Easyquip is delighted to provide Australia-wide delivery services. Leveraging our in-house truck delivery fleet and an expansive freight network, we ensure the efficient transportation of our waste-handling equipment to destinations throughout Australia. Regardless of your location, whether in New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, or any other state or territory, you can trust in our commitment to punctual and dependable delivery of our front lift bins.

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