Hydraulic HookLift Lid

Hydraulic Hooklift Lid

Easyquip has been supplying Hydraulic metal lids for over 10 years. This lid design is a highly durable design, is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance. These lids can be made to suit new bins during the manufacturing process or retro-fitted to existing bins depending on bin condition and design.

  • Long-term solution for covering your hooklift bin by Easyquip
  • Long-term solution for covering your hooklift bin by Easyquip
  • Long-term solution for covering your hooklift bin by Easyquip
  • Long-term solution for covering your hooklift bin by Easyquip
  • Long-term solution for covering your hooklift bin by Easyquip
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  • 2mm mild steel cladding
  • 40 x 40 x 2 RHS frame
  • 80 nb pipe hinge tube
  • Primed and painted in equipment enamel


  • fast and easy operation
  • eliminate the need for dangerous manual tarping
  • secure WIND-BORNE waste on site and in transport
  • secure contaminated waste, sludge or similar waste during transport
  • robust and durable design
  • reduced or eliminated water ingress
  • opens past 90 degrees to suit machine load situations
  • prevent pest access
  • Australian made


  • manual drive rotary pump - with drill adaptor if required
  • manual drive lever pump
  • 240V electronic drive
  • 12V solar electronic drive
  • 2 pak paint
  • inspection or loading hatches
  • fully sealed with security clamps
  • hot dip galvanized finish
  • retro fitting to existing hook lift bins


HL Hydraulic Lid

Hydraulic Hooklift Lid

Easyquip is your premier destination for Australia’s top-of-the-line Hydraulic Hook Lift Bin Lids. Our in-house hydraulic hook lift bin lid design is highly durable, easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

We pride ourselves as a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of premium Australian-made hook lift bins with hydraulic lids. Experience the difference Easyquip can make for your industrial operations.

Upgrade to Easyquip today, where quality, safety, and innovation converge to create unmatched excellence in Australian manufacturing.


Hook Lift Bins with Hydraulic Lids Made in Australia

Easyquip’s Industrial Bin Lids for Front Lift Bins and Hook Lift Bins are designed and manufactured in Australia by our in-house team to the highest quality assurances and WHS standards for consistent quality finishes.

Through relentless research and development, Easyquip has established itself as one of Australia’s leading hook lift bin manufacturers and suppliers of industrial bin lids. We constantly innovate and integrate better features into our industrial bins with lids.

Types of Hydraulic Hooklift Bin Lids

Easyquip offers a range of different hydraulic hook lift bin lid configurations suitable for hook lift bins ranging from 4.5 meters to 7.0 meters in length:

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with Manual Hydraulic Pump

This hydraulic hooklift lid is manually operated using a hydraulic pump, providing a straightforward and reliable method of opening and closing the lid.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with 3-phase Electric Hydraulic Pump

Equipped with a 3-phase electric hydraulic pump, this lid option offers effortless and efficient operation.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with External Hydraulic Power Pack

This lid configuration uses an external hydraulic power pack, providing flexibility and power.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with Solar Power

Solar-powered lid operation offers an eco-friendly and sustainable solution, harnessing the sun’s energy for smooth functioning.

Additional Options for Hyrdualic Hook Lift Bin Lids

Easyquip also offers a variety of options to enhance and customise your hydraulic hook lift bin lids:

– Manual Drive Rotary Pump with Drill Adaptor: A versatile manual pump option with a drill adaptor for added convenience.

– Manual Drive Lever Pump: A manual lever-operated pump for traditional lid operation.

– 240V Electronic Drive: An electric drive option for easy and efficient lid control.

– 12V Solar Electronic Drive: An eco-conscious electronic drive powered by solar energy.

– 2 Pak Paint: Custom paint options to match your branding or aesthetic preferences.

– Inspection or Loading Hatches: Additional features to facilitate easy access and monitoring of bin contents.

– Fully Sealed with Security Clamps: Ensures a secure and sealed enclosure, preventing unauthorised access.

– Hot Dip Galvanized Finish: Provides a durable and corrosion-resistant finish for long-lasting performance.

– Retro-Fitting to Existing Hook Lift Bins: Easyquip offers solutions for retrofitting lids to your existing hook lift bins, enhancing their functionality and safety.

With this diverse range of hydraulic hook lift bin lids and customisation options, Easyquip aims to meet the unique requirements of various industries and businesses, ensuring efficient waste management and enhanced operational safety.

Improving the WHS of Waste Management

Our Hydraulic Bin Lids for Hook Lift Bins are meticulously crafted here in Australia by our dedicated in-house team. We adhere to the strictest quality assurances, ensuring that every hydraulic bin lid we produce meets the highest standards of excellence.

Whether you’re looking to outfit your brand-new hook lift bins or upgrade existing ones, Easyquip’s hydraulic bin lids offer a cost-effective solution to enhance your Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and WHS practices. By choosing Easyquip, you’re not just upgrading your equipment but investing in improved safety, accessibility, and reduced injury risks for your team.

Our hydraulic hook lift bin lids bring many benefits to your workplace. They help mitigate odour, reduce pollution and prevent vermin ingress. You’ll experience minimised rainwater collection, decreased maintenance and disposal costs, heightened locking security, and the convenience of wide-opening lids, capable of extending past 90 degrees to suit machine loading, facilitating effortless loading and bin-lifter disposal.

Supplied new or retrofitted to existing industrial waste bins and hook lift bins, Easyquip bin lids are a cost-effective way to upgrade OH&S/WHS practices with improved safety and access and reduced risk of injury to the user.

Advantages of Using Hook Lift Bin Lids
Using hook lift bin lids offers a range of advantages for businesses and organisations involved in waste management and various industries. Here are some key benefits:

Safety and Security: Hook lift bin lids provide a secure and enclosed environment for waste and materials, reducing the risk of spills, accidents, and unauthorised access. This enhances workplace safety and minimises potential hazards.

Odour Control: Lids help contain unpleasant odours from waste materials, creating a more pleasant and hygienic working environment. This is especially important in settings where waste can emit noxious or foul-smelling gases.

Environmental Protection: Closed lids prevent pollutants and debris from escaping into the environment, reducing the impact of waste materials on ecosystems and nearby communities. This contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Reduced Vermin Infestation: Closed bin lids are a barrier against rodents and pests, preventing them from accessing and spreading waste. This reduces the risk of infestations and the associated health concerns.

Minimised Contamination: Bin lids help keep rainwater out of the containers, preventing moisture from mixing with waste and causing contamination. This is crucial for maintaining the quality of recyclable materials and reducing waste management costs.

Improved Aesthetics: Closed bins with lids present a neater and more organised appearance in public and commercial spaces. This contributes to a positive public image and can help attract customers or visitors.

Legal Compliance: Many regions and municipalities have regulations that require waste containers to be covered or sealed. Using bin lids ensures compliance with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or penalties.

Efficiency: Hydraulic hook lift bin lids, in particular, offer the advantage of easy and efficient operation. Depending on the type of lid (manual, electric, solar-powered), they can be quickly opened and closed, saving time and labour.

Customisation: Bin lids can be customised to fit various bin sizes and specific needs. Different lid options (manual, electric, solar) provide flexibility to choose the best solution for your operation.

Cost Savings: By preventing waste spills, reducing contamination, and improving waste management practices, hook lift bin lids can save costs over time. They contribute to efficient waste handling, reduced cleanup expenses, and potential revenue from recycling.

Flexibility: Some lids are designed to retrofit existing hook lift bins, making it easy to upgrade your current equipment without the need for entirely new bins.

In summary, hook-lift bin lids offer a comprehensive solution to enhance safety, hygiene, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency in waste management and various industries. Their benefits extend to the workplace and the broader community, making them valuable to any waste management strategy.

Choosing the Right Hook Lift Bin Lid for Your Application

Selecting the appropriate hook lift bin lid for your specific application is crucial to ensure optimal functionality, safety, and efficiency. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the right choice:

  1. Assess Your Needs:

– Start by evaluating your specific requirements and objectives. Consider factors such as the type of waste or materials you’ll be handling, the frequency of use, and any applicable environmental or safety regulations.

  1. Determine Bin Size:

– Measure the dimensions of your hook lift bins accurately. Lid options should be compatible with the size of your bins. Ensure that the lid you choose fits securely and provides complete coverage.

  1. Identify Power Source:

– Determine the power source that best suits your operation:

– Manual Hydraulic Pump: Simple and reliable but requires manual effort.

– 3 Phase Electric Hydraulic Pump: Offers efficient, electric-powered lid operation.

– External Hydraulic Power Pack: Provides flexibility but requires an external power source.

– Solar Power: Eco-friendly and sustainable, harnessing the sun’s energy for operation.

  1. Consider Control Mechanism:

– Choose between manual, electric, or solar-powered control mechanisms depending on your preferences and convenience. Electric and solar options offer more effortless lid operation, while manual options may be suitable for smaller operations.

  1. Evaluate Additional Features:

– Consider additional features such as inspection or loading hatches, security clamps, and fully sealed enclosures depending on your specific needs. These features can enhance safety, convenience, and security.

  1. Budget Considerations:

– Establish a budget for your lid investment. While choosing a lid that meets your needs is essential, it’s also crucial to stay within your financial constraints. Compare different options to find the best value for your budget.

  1. Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

– Ensure that the chosen lid complies with local environmental regulations and safety standards. Some regions may have specific requirements regarding waste container lids, and adhering to these guidelines is essential.

  1. Manufacturer Reputation:

– Research and choose a reputable manufacturer or supplier. A well-established manufacturer with a track record of producing high-quality products is more likely to provide durable and reliable bin lids.

  1. Maintenance and Support:

– Consider the long-term maintenance requirements of your chosen lid. If needed, ensure you have access to maintenance and support services, and inquire about warranties or guarantees.

  1. Installation:

– Ensure you have the equipment and expertise to install your chosen lid. Some lids may require professional installation, while your team can install others.

  1. Test and Training

– Conduct thorough testing once your lid is installed to ensure it operates correctly. Train your team members on using and maintaining the lid safely and efficiently.

By following these steps and carefully considering your specific needs and circumstances, you can confidently choose the right hook lift bin lid for your application, ensuring improved waste management, safety, and efficiency.

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