Blade Compactors

Stationary Blade Compactors

Stationary blade compactors consist of a Compaction Unit that uses hydraulic force to drive a blade to compact waste material into a receiver bin. The compactor unit remains in a fixed location, but the receiver bin is disconnected from the compaction unit and taken away for emptying. Hooklift trucks are the most common transport system for the receiver bin, but they can also be built to suit Dino trucks and Marell skips.

Blade compactors are ideal for dry waste streams such as paper, cardboard, lightweight timbre, and plastics, and can be a better solution than auger compactors if the product has a tendency to wrap around the auger.

Stationary compactors can be used for general waste, but there will always be some material spilled on the ground when the receiver bin is taken away.

With its cross-cylinder design, PLC controls, a range of standard loading hoppers, Easyquip's stationary blade compactors offer another solution to your waste problem. Customised solutions are available as well.

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  • container 75% and 100% full light
  • all functions controlled by PLC
  • 2 Pak Poly-Urethane Paint
  • designed in accordance with Australian Standards


  • Simple and robust compaction system
  • compact design with large filling opening
  • sealed access doors for servicing
  • cut transport costs by better waste compaction
  • reduced congestion and environmental impact from
    better payloads


  • standard and custom loading hoppers
  • bin tipping mechanisms
  • fill level and other notifications via SMS technology
  • receiver bins to suit hook lift, dino, or marell skip trucks


Blade Compactor

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