Rolling HookLift Lid

Rolling Hooklift Lid

The Easyquip Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lid is a two-piece rolling metal lid designed for heavy-duty hook lift bins of 4.5m to 7m in length.
The Rolling Hooklift Lid is designed to make hook lift waste management easier, safer and more secure. Fit with lockable padlock points at both ends, this strong and simple system helps retain waste and prevent animals or unauthorised persons from accessing the bin.

Our engineered Australian-made Hook Lift Bin Lids are proven to meet relevant industry standards and heavy-duty load ratings. Constructed from solid 2mm mild steel cladding, 50 X 50 X 3 RHS frame, and fit with sealed bearing steel rollers, the lids are easily opened and closed via horizontal rolling.
Rolling hook lift bin lids are fitted to new bins during manufacture but can be retrofitted to existing bins depending on their design and condition.
Backed by our fast and reliable nationwide shipping and unrivalled customer service, Easyquip Front Lift Bins are the nation’s top preference, delivering certainty for national contract roll-outs and large-scale orders.


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  • 2mm mild steel cladding
  • 50 x 50 x 3 RHS frame
  • sealed bearing steel rollers


  • strong and durable design
  • secure and lockable
  • simple design and easy to use
  • Australian made


  • 2 pak paint
  • hot dip galvanized finish


Hook Lift Rolling Lid

What Industries & Applications Benefit from Rolling Hook Lift Lids?

Hook lift bins are versatile containers used in various industries and applications for efficient waste management, material handling, and transportation. The key feature of rolling hook lift bin lids is their ability to be easily operated, and facilitate easy loading and unloading. Here are some industries and applications where a rolling hook lift bin lid is commonly used:

Construction and Demolition Waste
Construction sites often use hook lift bins to collect and transport construction and demolition debris, rubble, and construction waste.

Waste Management 

Hook lift bins are used as an intermediary waste collection system for local government waste, and commercial and industrial waste.

Manufacturing and Industrial Use

Industries dealing with metal fabrication and processing often use hook lift bins for the collection and transport of scrap metal and industrial waste.

Agricultural Waste
Farms and agricultural operations use hook lift bins for the collection and removal of organic waste, crop residues, and other agricultural byproducts.

Recycling Centres

Recycling facilities use hook lift bins to collect recyclable materials, which can then be transported to sorting and processing centres.

Green Waste

Hook lift bins are employed for the collection and transport of green waste, including branches, leaves, and other organic materials.

Transportation and Logistics

In some cases, hook lift bins may be used for the transportation of goods or waste, especially when a flexible and efficient loading/unloading system is required.

Temporary Waste Management

Rolling Hook lift bin lids are used at events, festivals, and construction sites to provide a temporary waste management solution.

The use of hook lift bins contributes to the efficient handling of materials, reduces manual labour, and enhances overall waste management practices in various industries.Custom Options for Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lids

Easyquip Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lids are customisable with optional extras like the choice of coloured 2 Pak Paint, hot dip galvanised finish, and retrofitting to existing hook lift bins.




Comparing Rolling Lids vs. Traditional Front Lift Lids for Hook Lift Bins

Rolling Hook Lift Lids operate on a horizontal axis, providing a distinct advantage in terms of ease of use and accessibility. Traditional Front Lift Lids, on the other hand, open vertically. The choice between the two depends on specific operational requirements and preferences.

Are Rolling Hook Lift Lids more durable compared to Traditional Front Lift Lids?

Rolling Hook Lift Lids boast a robust design, minimising wear and tear. The horizontal rolling motion contributes to increased durability, making them a reliable choice for various applications. Traditional Front Lift Lids may have different durability characteristics, so it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your operation.

How do Rolling Lids enhance safety compared to Traditional Front Lift Lids?

Rolling Hook Lift Lids offer enhanced safety during loading and unloading operations. The horizontal rolling motion reduces the risk of accidents, providing a secure and efficient solution. It’s advisable to assess your safety priorities and operational environment when choosing between the two lid types.

What are the Advantages of Rolling Hook Lift Lids?

Rolling Hook Lift Lids offer several advantages, including streamlined accessibility, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced safety during waste handling. The horizontal rolling motion minimises the risk of accidents and provides a user-friendly experience, making them a preferred choice for various industries.

How do Rolling Hook Lift Lids contribute to operational efficiency?

Rolling Hook Lift Lids are designed for quick and easy access, allowing for efficient loading and unloading of materials. The horizontal rolling motion eliminates the need for vertical clearance, making them ideal for confined spaces. This results in increased productivity and smoother waste management processes.

Are Rolling Hook Lift Lids customisable to specific operational needs?

Yes, Rolling Hook Lift Lids are often customisable to meet specific operational requirements. Easyquip manufactures custom sizes and configurations from 4.5 to 7-metre lengths for new and existing hook lift bins. Customisation ensures that the lids seamlessly integrate into existing waste management systems.

Can I customise the colour of Rolling Hook Lift Lids to match my brand or corporate identity?

Yes, customisation options include choosing the colour that best suits your preferences or corporate branding. Custom colours are available to ensure that the Rolling Hook Lift Lids for sale, seamlessly integrate into your overall aesthetic.

Is Nationwide Distribution of Easyquip's Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lids Offered in Australia?

Yes! Easyquip is pleased to offer nationwide distribution services for our rolling hook lift bin lids across Australia. Whether you require a single lid or a complete deployment, our highly efficient distribution network ensures we can fulfil your demands, regardless of your geographical location. Our nationwide distribution capabilities streamline the acquisition process for businesses and organisations throughout Australia, making it convenient to access our high-quality rolling hook lift bin lids.

Why Choose Easyquip's Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lids?

As an Australian-owned and operated company, Easyquip takes pride in our in-house manufacturing and contributes to the growth of the Australian economy. Our rolling hook lift bin lids are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Rigorous quality control measures ensure that each lid meets our strict criteria before reaching your location.

Does Easyquip Deliver Australia-Wide?

Yes. Experience rapid and reliable Australia-wide delivery with our in-house fleet, ensuring peace of mind in your operations and meeting your delivery timeframes. Choose Easyquip for quality, customisation, outstanding service, and efficient nationwide delivery.

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