Hook Lift Bins

Standard Hook Lift Bins

Easyquip hook lift bins are Australian-made and have been designed with practicality, strength, and durability in mind. These can be used with all waste types, including scrap metal and demolition work.

Rated to a SWL of 12 Tonne, the 5mm walls and heavy RHS sections of this design offer greater resistance to impact damage.

These bins feature a smooth side profile, providing a clean, attractive appearance, allowing any signage to be fitted easily. The extra wall thickness and flat wall design also increase the rust resistance in the long term.

These bins can be custom-built to your specific requirements and design upon request.

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  • SWL 12 Tonne
  • 5mm Mild Steel bin body
  • 100 x 100 x 5 Wall RHS
  • Main rails 230 PFC channel with 5mm reinforcing gussets
  • 50mm Diameter High Carbon Steel lift pin
  • Under floor support crossmembers
  • Front beam and A frame 230 PFC
  • Ratchet operated door lock
  • Greaseable Hinges
  • Greaseable 150mm Rear rollers
  • Door safety chain fitted with latching hook
  • Painted in Industrial Enamel to colour of choice


  • Engineer approved to 12 Tonne SWL
  • Strong and durable design
  • Consistent quality
  • Australian Made
  • Available in custom widths and lengths


  • 2 Pak Paint
  • Lids or Tarps
  • Door seal
  • Ladders
  • Hook - Dino combination
  • De-watering floor
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing (Up to 15m3)
  • Internal divider doors
  • QT450 Floor and Walls (Hardox or similar)
  • Custom designs
  • Non-standard sizes


Hook lift

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