Hook Lift Lids and Tarps

Hydraulic Hooklift Lid

A great product for reducing wind-borne litter onsite or in transit. Available in manual or electronic drive options.

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Hooklift Easylid

Predominantly used on hand load hooklift bins where wind-borne litter, waste odour, or rodents are a problem.

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Rolling Hooklift Lid

A heavy-duty lid option for hooklift bins which can be locked for waste security.

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Hooklift Tarps

A more efficient way to tarp your bin to prevent litter or water ingress.

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Easyquip: Australia’s Premier Partner for Hook Lift Bins and Tarps

Looking for top-notch hook lift bin lids and tarps to streamline your waste management operations? Look no further than Easyquip.

We specialise in providing high-quality hook lift bin solutions tailored to your needs, offering a diverse range of options to suit various industries and businesses. Whether you’re in construction, demolition, or waste management, our hook lift bin lids and tarps are conceptual designs conceived to streamline waste-handling processes.


Types of Hook Lift Lift Bin Lids and Tarps

Hydraulic Hook Lift Bin Lids

Easyquip understands the importance of seamless operation when it comes to managing your waste. Browse our comprehensive range of custom hydraulic hook lift bin lids:

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with Manual Hydraulic Pump:

Simple and reliable, this lid is operated manually using a hydraulic pump, ensuring straightforward functionality.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with 3-phase Electric Hydraulic Pump: Experience effortless operation with our electric hydraulic pump option, designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with External Hydraulic Power Pack: Flexibility meets power with this lid configuration, using an external hydraulic power pack for enhanced performance.

Metal Lid for Hook Lift Bin Opened with Solar Power: Harness the sun’s energy with our solar-powered lid, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for smooth functioning.

Easyquip also provides a range of additional options to customise your hydraulic hook lift bin lids, including manual drive rotary pumps, electronic drives, custom paint finishes and more. Whatever your needs, we have the perfect solution to optimise your waste management processes.

Hook Lift Bin Easylid

Easyquip Hooklift Easylids are engineered for durability and versatility, making them the ideal choice for new bins or replacement parts. Roto moulded from high-quality LLDPE and reinforced with stiffening ribs, these lids are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Similar to the front lift bin lid and twin lid designs, the Hook Lift Bin Easylid offers proven workplace health and safety benefits like reduced odour, pollution and vermin ingress, minimised rainwater collection, reduced maintenance and disposal costs, improved locking security, and wide-opening (up to 95°) loading and bin-lifter disposal.

Rolling Hook Lift Lid

The Easyquip Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lid offers a simple yet effective solution for secure waste management.

The Easyquip Rolling Hook Lift Bin Lid is a two-piece rolling metal lid designed for heavy-duty hook lift bins of 4.5m to 7m in length. With lockable padlock points at both ends, this two-piece rolling metal lid ensures your waste stays where it belongs, providing peace of mind and security. This strong and simple system helps retain waste and prevent animals or unauthorised persons from accessing the bin.

Constructed from solid 2mm mild steel cladding, 50 X 50 X 3 RHS frame, and fitted with sealed bearing steel rollers, Easyquip Rolling Hooklift Lids are easily opened and closed via horizontal rolling.


Easyquip Hooklift Tarps

Secure your waste with ease and efficiency using Easyquip’s innovative Hooklift Tarps. Designed to suit hook lift bins, these tarps provide reliable protection against litter, rainwater ingress, and other environmental challenges without requiring drivers to climb onto the bin for tarping.

Prevent Water Ingress:

Keep your waste dry and protected from rainwater with our durable PVC tarps, ensuring that your contents remain intact and uncontaminated.

Faster Tarping:

Say goodbye to time-consuming tarping processes. Easyquip Hooklift Tarps enable swift and hassle-free covering of your bin, saving valuable time and increasing operational efficiency.

More Versatile Than Tower Tarps:

Unlike traditional tower tarps, our Hooklift Tarps offer enhanced versatility, allowing for side-to-side rolling or wind-out configurations to suit your specific needs.

Safer Than Tarping Large Bins:

Ensure the safety of your drivers and workers by eliminating the need to climb onto large bins for tarping. Easyquip Hooklift Tarps provide a safer alternative, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries.

Colour Options Available:

Customise your tarp to match your branding or preferences with our range of colour options, including blue, red, and white, adding a touch of style to your waste management setup.

Multiple Cover Options: Choose from 90%, 95%, or 100% cover options to tailor the level of protection to your requirements. Our front-to-back wind-out tarps provide comprehensive coverage, ensuring that your waste is fully secured during transport.

Hook Lift Tarp Models Available:

Model HLTSTS (Side-to-Side Rolling PVC Tarp): This model is designed for side-to-side rolling, providing a convenient and efficient solution for covering hook lift bins ranging from 4.5 to 7 metres in length.

Model HLTFTB (Wind Out PVC Tarp): Ideal for larger bins, the HLTFTB features a wind-out design fitted to hook lift bins of 4.5 to 7 metres in length, offering ease of operation and maximum coverage.

Why Choose Easyquip?

Easyquip hook lift bins are proudly Australian made and built to last. Constructed from solid steel panels and welded for rugged durability, our bins are designed to withstand the demands of any job. With a smooth side profile and customisable options, including crane-approved designs, we can tailor our bins to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

Our industrial waste bins aren’t just ultra heavy-duty; we’ve dedicated years to researching, developing, and innovating the design and manufacturing of purpose-built lids for hook lift bins and front lift bins. Our singular goal? To pave a better path forward for waste management.

Don’t settle for subpar waste management solutions. Experience the Easyquip difference today and take your operations to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our range of hook lift bins and tarps and discover how we can help you streamline your waste-handling processes.

What are the differences between Hook Lift Lids & Tarps?

The choice between Hook Lift Lids and Tarps depends on various factors, including operational needs, convenience, and industry requirements.

Rolling Hook Lift Lids:

Operating on a horizontal axis, Rolling Hook Lift Lids offer distinct advantages in terms of ease of use and accessibility. These lids are ideal for industries where frequent access to the contents of the bin is necessary. They provide quick and effortless opening and closing, making them popular among businesses with high-volume waste management needs. Industries such as construction, demolition, and waste collection often opt for Rolling Hook Lift Lids due to their efficiency and convenience.

Easyquip Tarp Systems:

Easyquip offers tarp systems tailored to suit hook lift bins, providing an effective solution for securing bin contents. These tarps offer several advantages, including preventing litter, protecting against rainwater entry, and minimising environmental impacts. Unlike fixed lid options, tarps offer greater accessibility from all points of the hook lift bin, making them an excellent choice for industries where flexibility and convenience are paramount. Businesses involved in recycling, agriculture, and landscaping frequently choose Easyquip Tarp Systems for their versatility and ease of use.

Hook Lift Easylids: In contrast, Hook Lift Easylids open vertically. While they may not offer the same level of accessibility as a hook lift bin tarp, they still serve a crucial role in waste management operations. Hook Lift Easylids are favoured by businesses seeking reliable and affordable waste management solutions. Industries such as food service, education, and municipal services often choose Hook Lift Easylid for its durability and convenience.

These lids are commonly chosen for their durability and reliability, particularly in environments where heavy-duty waste containment is essential. Industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and logistics often prefer Traditional Front Lift Lids for their robustness and security.

Hydraulic Hook Lift Bin Lids: Hydraulic Hook Lift Bin Lids offer their own set of advantages, combining ease of operation with enhanced efficiency. These lids can be operated effortlessly using hydraulic mechanisms, reducing manual effort and streamlining waste management processes. Industries across various sectors, including hospitality, retail, and healthcare, opt for Hydraulic Hook Lift Bin Lids for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness.