Marell Bins

Marell Bins - Australia’s Best-Manufactured Heavy Duty Skip Bins

We are proud to share that Easyquip is one of the very few companies still manufacturing Marell skip bins in Australia.

Easyquip takes pride in manufacturing marrel bins that can withstand the rigours of demanding heavy duty waste management. Our marrel bins undergo rigorous testing and trials to ensure optimal performance and consistent quality, providing customers with confidence in the longevity and efficiency of their products.

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  • 3mm wall sheet
  • 4mm floor sheet
  • RHS wall reinforcing
  • 39mm lift pins with 75mm washers
  • stacking lugs
  • underfloor reinforcing
  • primed and painted in industrial enamel


  • strong, durable design
  • australian made
  • consistent quality


  • doors
  • 5mm floor sheet
  • drain holes in floor
  • galvanizing
  • 2 pak paint
  • custom design to suit your requirements


Marell Marells

What is a Marrel Bin?

A Marrel skip bin, also known simply as a Marrel Bin, Skip Bin or Marrel Skip, is a type of industrial bin commonly used for the collection, storage, and transportation of waste materials. Marrel bins are designed with a distinctive rectangular shape and construction that allows them to be easily lifted and transported by specialised vehicles equipped with hydraulic lifting mechanisms.

Marrel Skip Bins Engineered to Last

Easyquip’s Marrel Skip Bins are engineered for enduring strength, featuring a sturdy build with 3mm wall sheet and 4mm floor sheet, ensuring resilience to heavy loads and rough handling. Reinforced with RHS wall reinforcing and underfloor reinforcing, these bins are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial environments.

Equipped with 39mm lift pins accompanied by 75mm washers for secure lifting and stacking lugs for efficient storage, these bins offer both durability and practicality. The stacking lugs facilitate easy stacking without compromising structural integrity, ensuring space-efficient storage when not in use.

Furthermore, these skip bins are primed and painted in industrial enamel, providing a protective layer against corrosion and wear, and extending their lifespan even in harsh conditions. Whether it’s for construction sites, waste management facilities, or industrial applications, Easyquip’s Marrel Skip Bins deliver reliability and longevity.

Made in Australia

Easyquip stands out as one of the premier companies in the country still producing these hook lift bins. This steadfast commitment to local manufacturing distinguishes Easyquip from competitors who opt for cheaper imported bins, often sacrificing durability and functionality in the process.

​​With factories in Morwell VIC, Brisbane QLD, and an extensive freight network, we deliver bins throughout the eastern states of Australia including Tasmania, South Australia, and Northern Territory.

By keeping production within Australia, Easyquip ensures superior quality control over their products. This instils confidence in customers regarding the bins’ durability and reliability. Moreover, supporting local manufacturing bolsters the Australian economy by generating and sustaining employment opportunities domestically.

Additionally, manufacturing locally allows Easyquip to offer unparalleled customer service and post-sales support. Their proximity enables swift responses to inquiries and concerns, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Moreover, local production contributes to more sustainable outcomes. Easyquip can oversee the manufacturing process, implementing environmentally friendly practices and reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Opting for Marrel bins from Easyquip not only offers an efficient solution for transporting heavy, non-compactable waste but also supports Australian manufacturing, local job creation, ongoing customer service, sustainability efforts, and the national economy.

As a proud Australian designer and manufacturer of waste management solutions, Easyquip is dedicated to delivering top-quality products to our valued customers.

Standard Marrel Skip Bins Capacities

Easyquip Front Lift Bins are available in the following sizes with optional extras, including a skip doors, 5mm floor sheet, drain holes in floor, galvanising, 2-pak paint and custom capacities.

2 Cubic Meters (2.0m3): Typically used for smaller jobs or residential applications, this bin size is ideal for handling moderate waste volumes.

3 Cubic Meters (3.0m3): A popular choice for medium-sized businesses, offering a balanced capacity that suits various waste management needs.

4.0 Cubic Meters (4.0m3): Designed to accommodate larger waste volumes, this size suits businesses with higher waste generation requirements.

5 Cubic Meters (5.0m3): Designed to accommodate larger waste volumes, this size suits businesses with higher waste generation requirements.

6 Cubic Meters (6.0m3): Ideal for industrial or commercial settings with substantial waste disposal needs.

8 Cubic Meters (8.0m3): Ideal for extra heavy and substantial waste disposal needs.

Marrel Bin with Door vs. Without Door

When considering a Merrel bin, one key decision to make is whether to opt for a model with or without a door. Let’s delve into the differences between the two options:

Merrel Bin with Door:

Convenience: A Merrel bin equipped with a door offers added convenience for loading and unloading waste materials. The door provides easy access to the contents of the bin, allowing for efficient disposal without the need to lift heavy items over the side.

Containment: The door helps contain the waste within the bin, preventing spillage during transportation or when the bin is not in use. This containment feature can be particularly beneficial for materials prone to scattering or causing a mess.

Versatility: Having a door on the Merrel bin increases its versatility, as it can accommodate a wider range of materials, including those that may require careful placement or stacking.

Safety: The presence of a door can enhance safety during the loading and unloading process, reducing the risk of injuries associated with handling bulky or heavy items.

Merrel Bin without Door:

Simplified Design: Merrel bins without doors feature a simpler design, which may appeal to those who prioritise ease of use and maintenance. Without a door mechanism, fewer components could potentially require maintenance or repair.

Unobstructed Access: While lacking a door, these bins offer unobstructed access to the entire interior space. This can be advantageous when loading large or irregularly shaped items that may not easily fit through a door opening.

Lower Cost: Typically, Merrel bins without doors tend to be more cost-effective compared to their door-equipped counterparts. For those working within a tight budget, opting for a bin without a door may offer significant savings.

Ultimately, the choice between a Merrel bin with or without a door depends on factors such as the specific waste management needs, convenience preferences, budget considerations, and safety requirements of the intended application.

Custom Marrel Skip Bins Australia by Easyquip

Marell bins can be made to our standard spec sizes from 2m3 to 8m2 or as custom sizes and configurations, finishes and optional extras to suit commercial or industrial requirements.





Marrel Skip Bin - Industry Applications

Easyquip marrel bins are suitable across various industries, thanks to their durability and versatility. Our marrel bins are recommended in the following sectors:

– Corporate Waste Collection Companies

  • Construction Waste

– Waste Management Companies

– Commercial & Industrial Waste Collection Companies

– Supermarkets & Chain Stores

– Scrap Metal Manufacturers

– Industrial Facilities

– Construction Companies

– Hospitality & Hotels

– Retail Businesses

– Local Councils

  • Recycling Centres

What is the filling and collection process for Marrel Bins?

  • The filling and collection process for Marrel bins typically involves several key steps, typically carried out by independent waste collection companies or waste management companies.
  • Placement: The Marrel bin is initially placed at the desired location for waste collection. This location should be accessible to the collection vehicle and comply with any local government regulations regarding bin placement.
  • Filling: Waste materials are deposited into the Marrel bin by individuals or businesses generating the waste. This can include various types of waste, such as general household waste, construction debris, green waste, or recyclables.
  • Monitoring: Waste management personnel or organisations responsible for collection may periodically monitor the fill level of the Marrel bin to determine when it needs to be emptied. This helps ensure efficient collection and prevents overflow.
  • Collection Schedule: Based on the fill level monitoring and predetermined collection schedules, collection vehicles are dispatched to empty the Marrel bins. The collection schedule may vary depending on factors such as the volume of waste generated, the type of waste, and contractual agreements with waste management service providers.
  • Loading: Collection vehicles equipped with lifting mechanisms or hydraulic systems approach the Marrel bin for emptying. The lifting mechanism grabs hold of the bin and raises it onto the vehicle for emptying.
  • Transportation: Once lifted onto the collection vehicle, the waste from the Marrel bin is transported to an appropriate disposal or processing facility. This facility may include landfills, recycling centres, composting facilities, or waste-to-energy plants.
  • Emptying: At the disposal or processing facility, the waste contents of the Marrel bin are emptied, either through tipping the bin or using other mechanical means, depending on the type of waste and facility requirements.
  • Return: After emptying, the Marrel bin may be returned to its original location for continued use in the waste collection process.
  • Maintenance: Throughout the process, regular maintenance and inspection of the Marrel bin and collection vehicles are conducted to ensure safe and efficient operation. This includes cleaning, repairs, and any necessary adjustments to equipment.

By following these steps, the filling and collection process for Marrel bins can be effectively managed to handle various types of waste materials while ensuring compliance with waste management regulations and environmental standards.

Does Easyquip offer Nationwide Rollouts for Marrel Skip Bins?

Yes, Easyquip is proud to offer nationwide rollouts for our marrel skip bins across Australia. Whether you need a single bin or a large-scale deployment, our efficient distribution network ensures that we can fulfil your requirements no matter where you are located. With our nationwide rollout capabilities, we make it easy for businesses and organisations throughout Australia to access our top-quality front lift bins.

Does Easyquip offer Australia-wide Delivery?

Yes, Easyquip is proud to offer Australia-wide delivery. With our in-house truck delivery fleet and extensive freight network, we can efficiently ship our waste-handling equipment to locations across Australia. Whether you are in New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, or any other state or territory, we ensure prompt and reliable delivery of our marrel skip bins.


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